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With an abundant amount of wellness products in the market place, it is extremely difficult to make the right choice. I curated the highest quality products for my store to help you with your wellness journey. Just click the “Place Order” button below to set up an account and start shopping with confidence. This will unlock the special pricing for the wide selection of super foods, nutritional supplements, and non-toxic personal items that health professionals trust.

Quality standards for supplements are important because they help ensure a product is safe, effective, and accurately labeled. Talking to your healthcare provider and understanding supplement labels can help you choose the supplements that are best suited to your individual needs.

Third-party certifications

In addition to the basic guidelines set by the FDA, known as the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs), manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements may choose obtain certifications from third-party companies. Third-party companies provide unbiased assurance that certain quality criteria are met. You will often see a certification mark on products that have been third-party verified.