Indian food in Valencia


Have you ever missed your favorite foods when traveling? My daughter certainly did. On our 8th day in Spain, our daughter who loves Indian food was begging for something other than Spanish cuisine. So when we walked by Restaurante 25 Comida India on Avendia del Puerto 247, we didn’t have the heart not to stop there. We were so glad we did because it was one of the best Indian food we’ve ever had. I think what sets this apart is the old world approach to cooking where fresh ingredients and slow cooking methods use used. It was worth the wait for our Fish Tikka, palak Paneer and Baingan Bhartha!

Day 7 – Traveling to Valencia

We arrived Valencia yesterday morning after a 3 1/2 hour train ride from Barcelona. Finding something healthy to eat on the road was impossible. The train station offered the typical fare of high sugar and high fat pastries, and processed meat sandwiches. All I could find was a not so fresh orange to tie me over. On the train, the food was equally processed. Their meal deals included a Coke and a bag of chips with a sandwich. Whatever happened to the Mediterranean diet? I didn’t find the old world foods right away when we set foot in the city but I did find a new world food trend emerging at Tapas bars. At Comer & Beber Cafe & Tapas, there was a great selections of Fresh fruit smoothies made with just fresh fruits and vegetables. The Green Booster was delicious. I don’t foresee fruit smoothies replacing wine and beer at Tapas bars anytime soon but what a great way to round out your diet.


Day 4 in Barcelona

Everywhere you go, you run into Tapas bars, large or small. Most of the offerings are local meats, cheeses or fried seafood. After a few days, it throws your digestive system off and it craves a refreshing light meal to balance things out. At this cute little plaza where we had lunch al fresca, I enjoyed a healthy salad with buffalo cheese, drizzled with balsamic vinegar. It was so yummy!

Day 2 in Spain

Experiencing local cuisine is what I love about traveling. I certainly did that yesterday. Seafood Paella at lunch in a family run restaurant, La Cassola located in the Jewish Quarter, was homemade-healthy. Dinner at a tapas bar, La Taverna de Born, in El Born was truly local. However, it is too easy to eat too much protein, too little vegetables and drink way to much wine!

First meal in Spain

Just arrived in Barcelona last night after a long flight from San Francisoco. My family and I were looking for a delicious, but of course healthy meal, near our rented apartment located about 1/2 mile from the beach. It’s never easy spoting healthy restaurant food when traveling, but the chance is slim when you’re a foreign country where you don’t speak the language. Checking out the menu before sitting down is always a smart move. Even then, you never know if the menu description is accurate and if the dishes will meet your expectation when they show up. Our 2 dishes were not only nutritious but gluten-free and complement well in flavor. The Grilled vegetables with goat cheese was drizzled with generous amount of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. A slice of lightly grilled goat cheese was a perfect topping on the vegetables. The grilled shrimp with coconut listed on the menu was a dish of 5 huge shrimps that came with heads and shells, served with a slaw type salad. The shrimps tastes fresh and had a hint of coconut milk. All this yummy food went perfectly with a glass of local Cava. Not only am I going back for this meal again, I will be adding these 2 dishes to my repertoire of healthy recipes!