Day 7 – Traveling to Valencia

We arrived Valencia yesterday morning after a 3 1/2 hour train ride from Barcelona. Finding something healthy to eat on the road was impossible. The train station offered the typical fare of high sugar and high fat pastries, and processed meat sandwiches. All I could find was a not so fresh orange to tie me over. On the train, the food was equally processed. Their meal deals included a Coke and a bag of chips with a sandwich. Whatever happened to the Mediterranean diet? I didn’t find the old world foods right away when we set foot in the city but I did find a new world food trend emerging at Tapas bars. At Comer & Beber Cafe & Tapas, there was a great selections of Fresh fruit smoothies made with just fresh fruits and vegetables. The Green Booster was delicious. I don’t foresee fruit smoothies replacing wine and beer at Tapas bars anytime soon but what a great way to round out your diet.


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