In seach of French bistro food in Cannes

After 4 days in the South of French, you think I would come across French food as we know it in North America. Not! When we were in Monaco couple days ago, I went searching for Bouchon French Bistro recommended by the Lonely Planet guidebook on Provence and the Côte d’Azur. There was no snails, onion soup, nor steak-frites as the guidebook highlighted. The menu was more like California cuisine – organic eggs,cold pressed juices, and smoothies. It turns out Bouchon changed their menu concept in December 2015 and the guide book was published in January 2016. Okay, I guess I should have checked Bouchon’s website first but I am on vacation needed a break from technology. Sometimes it’s best to just wander the streets and look at the menu board and see what people are eating when you walk by their table. Well, we did just that yesterday in Cannes and found a prix fixe menu that included escargots and mussels. Score!

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