Feed all your senses near Nice

The most exciting thing about traveling is the discovery of new experiences that stimulate all your senses. Well, this hike around Cap d’Antibes in Côte d’Azur did just that! It is one of the highlights of our trip to the French Riviera. My daughter and I took the bus from Nice to Antibes and then caught a local bus to our starting point at Phare. We hiked to the town’s tiny chapel on the top of the hill at the highest point of Cap d’Antibes with mesmerising view of the Mediterranean Coastline, with St. Tropez to the south and Italy to the north.  We descended down on a little long stone path to the beach at the edge of town. After more than an hour walk in the blazing sun, we arrived at Plage de la Garoupe looking for the signpost for the path that circles the Cap. But this point, we were already exhausted, sweaty, thirsty and hungry. When we saw the cluster of seafront restaurants, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to refuel and rehydrate. We were delighted with a delicious local fresh seafood meal by the sea in the typical French leisure style.

With our bodies recharged, we were ready to start our pilgrimage to the southern end of the Cap. We picked up the the costal footpath, Sentier Littoral, at the end of the sandy beach. Along this rocky hike, my daughter and I had the best mother-daughter chat about life as we admired the breathtaking views. She turns 19 in a few months and will be returning to college after the summer so moments like these are food for my soul.

With the recent terrorist attack in Nice on Bastille Day, it may instill fear in even the most adventurous traveler. We were thankful that we arrived home safely 2 days before the tragedy. On our journey home, I saw a quote on a billboard that continues to resonate with me “Those who live see much. Those who travel see more.” I must add to that: those who travel feed their senses most. Don’t ever go hungry but just choose your diet carefully!

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