High Quality Breakfast for Kids


Moms know that kids need to eat a good breakfast before heading off to school but that’s easier said then done! When you rule out the sugary cereals and convenient processed toaster treats, everything else may seem like a lot of work. I really try to get some protein in my son’s daily breakfast. With his allergies to eggs and peanuts it doesn’t leave much easy-to-prep protein source except for cheese. I think I burnt out grilled cheese long ago until this morning. Three things I did differently to shake my son’s taste fatigue. Change the type of bread, the type of cheese and the presentation of the meal! It’s not easy to see options that are seemingly obvious and simple when you’re stuck in a rut. When I asked my son how he would describe his breakfast this morning, he said “restaurant quality”. Try something new with the same old……results can be amazing!

French Pastries good for you?


A little Sunday morning indulgence is good for the soul! I discovered the best almond croissant at La Parisienne on Grand Avenue in Oakland. The taste of a great almond croissant has been lingering on my mind since my trip to France this summer (see “Nice Breakfast in Nice” blog post). By comparison, the almond croissant at Ls Parisienne is even more decadent. If you feel guilty  about eating French pastries for breakfast, don’t! According to the latest WHO data published in 2015, the life expectancy in France for men is 79.4 and for women is female 85.4. It’s clear that this part of the French diet is not shortening their life span. I am not suggesting you make a habit of eating delicious almond croissants for breakfast, but it can be good for your happiness meter if you enjoy it! Just balance out your day with lots of fruits, veggies, lean proteins and of course some exercise.

Heritage grains served in Top Vancouver Restaurant

I feel so lucky to be able to squeeze in a dinner at The Mackenzie Room on my recent trip to Vancouver. It is not easy to choose one restaurant in a city full of fabulous eating establishments and constant new comers to the food scene (www.scoutmagazine.ca). The Mackenzie Room is located across the street from the Oppenheimer Park in the downtown Eastside. Not exactly the safest part of town but that’s probably what adds to the adventure of this dinning experience. I love fine dinning sans pretentiousness! This very intriguing restaurant sources fresh local ingredients and staffs it with people who cook and serve with a passion. How can you go wrong? You just can’t! No wonder it was voted the top new restaurant – Golden Plate Award 2016. The menu is on a very large chalkboard and changes regularly. The delicious quail with cornbread and Pork topped with mole and sorghum are no longer on their menu when I went back to their website (www.themackenzieroom.com) this week. According to the co-owner who served us, the inspiration for the menu comes from Sean Brock, the author of the Heritage Cookbook. The dishes we ate definitely showed off uncommon Ancient grains in a delicious combination and an artful presentation.