High Quality Breakfast for Kids


Moms know that kids need to eat a good breakfast before heading off to school but that’s easier said then done! When you rule out the sugary cereals and convenient processed toaster treats, everything else may seem like a lot of work. I really try to get some protein in my son’s daily breakfast. With his allergies to eggs and peanuts it doesn’t leave much easy-to-prep protein source except for cheese. I think I burnt out grilled cheese long ago until this morning. Three things I did differently to shake my son’s taste fatigue. Change the type of bread, the type of cheese and the presentation of the meal! It’s not easy to see options that are seemingly obvious and simple when you’re stuck in a rut. When I asked my son how he would describe his breakfast this morning, he said “restaurant quality”. Try something new with the same old……results can be amazing!

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