Amazing new flavors in nouvelle tapas

On our 10th day, we discovered a new twist to in the traditional Tapas at Tapearte (, a wine bar bistro filled with locals. All the dishes we had were delicious but the 2 that showed off the innovative flavor combinations are pictured here. The grilled octopus with oreja de judas were tender prieces of octopus on a base of grilled potatoes, topped with wood ear (an edible fungus). The cruchiness of the wood ear combined with the slightly chewy texture of the octopus made this dish delightful. The other dish is “Fresh tuna grilled”. From the simple name on the menu with no description, I didn’t expect much. It turned out to be slices of tuna perfectly cooked to order of doneness over a bed of black pasta (assuming it’s squid ink pasta) and seaweed. The saltiness of the sea enhanced the tuna without needing any other condiment. The seaweed also added beautiful texture to the dish. All I can say about the flaviors is WOW!

image image

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