Food allergies made easy in Valencia


My daughter’s lifelong food allergies has become a way of life after living with it for 18 years. When we travel, she often compromises with what and how much she eats depending on the restaurant server’s knowledge of the ingredients. With food allergies on the rise, restaurants are no longer surprised when you ask about food ingredients. Many tend to error on the cautious side and not serve any items if they are uncertain. We appreciate the cautiousness but it narrows the choices down to none at times. All you people with food allergies can properly relate to this problem when you travel. It was so exciting to see a restaurant in the old town of Valencia noting allergens with symbols on the menu. It is not what you would expect to find in a restaurant housed in a medieval building. My daughter was able to eat the duck samosas without having to ask a bunch of questions. They were so delicious, we ordered a another plate.

4 thoughts on “Food allergies made easy in Valencia

  1. malawer

    This gives us so much hope as my husband and I have lived abroad and traveled extensively and wish to share that with our kids! Thanks for the post!


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